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About V-checker   

Shenzhen V-checker Technology Co., Ltd was established in August 15,2005, is a R&D enterprise specializing in automotive electronics, has been committed to the research and development of diagnostic products on automotive electronic control system. The company has a "V-Checker" and "车e通" the two brands with full range of products 2005, combined R & D technology of years on automotive fault diagnostic products,  and domestic automotive electronics product features, advocating the concept of traffic safety, the world's first trip computer industry.
Currently, V-checker brand trip computer is the fourth plug in automobile electronics after PND navigation, radar safety warning and EDR, Trip computer connect to the ECU fault diagnosis interface for data transmission and power supply. Provide drivers with real-time monitoring of the condition, fuel consumption monitoring, fault alarm, fault clear code, TPMS, GPS navigation, fixed speed warning function. Friendly product design, plug and play, simple and convenient.

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